Our Company

A rich forty year heritage,thats what Narayan enterprises boasts of. This enterprise was bootstrapped by two qualified engineers H.N. Anantharaman and H.N. Dwarakanath who envisioned a construction company that would do more than just the business of bricks and mortar. A company that would have a deep sense of ethics, expertise and commendable versatility. With this firm foundation, their work was presented under the label of Dwarakanath Anantharam Enterprises (P) Ltd. that through the years has tirelessly promoted, designed and constructed several Apartments and Commercial complexes, Nursing homes, Water Tanks and Water Treatment Plants in and around Bangalore and all across South India. To Dwarakanath Anantharam Enterprises (P) Ltd. goes the distinction of building t one of the first apartment complexes in the city of Bangalore, ushering in the greatest “construction revolution” and guiding the city of Bangalore from a pensioner's paradise to the Silicon Valley of India.

Our Vision

To be an established provider of world class home and work infrastructure, building better living and working conditions, using high quality construction techniques, while at the same time ensuring safe and green living and work spaces.


Narayan Babu

Managing Director

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Quality Statement

We at Narayan Enterprises, are not satisfied just by the completion of a project, but rather ,we pride ourselves, in ensuring that, the project is completed with the highest level of Quality. Ensuring that our projects are Safe, Certified and Constructed with the highest precision, is among our core values. Our dedication to quality is deeply engraved in our work ethic s and can be seen at all levels inthe organisation.